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Metalang makes your sales force really multilingualand international and reduces sales team costs by providingONLINE remote interpreting, messaging translation, cross-cultural reviwbusinesses have different needs. Many freelancers produce quick, non-sustainable websites lacking of materials and presentations, and DBM negotiation preparation.

Global B2B sales pain

25% оf negotiations fail due to
the lack of intercultural and language knowledge.
There are at least 8 huge language clusters.
But they are divided into more than 100 smaller clusters. Around 70% of customers prefer to buy in their native language.
One BDM costs from $10,000 to $100,000 per year depending on the market.
What happens if we work together
We will close your back and will be there even in the most sensitive moments of negotiations. The transaction will be more likely to be successful if we are nearby.
Hiring a separate specialist for each language is a waste of money. There is something more interesting — metalang subscription!
So you know the key ;)
Management team
Alexey Melnik
Communication technology
Ruslan Murashkin
Translation business
Sasha Milekhina
Product Manager
Operations, Customer
Slava Nechushkin
Team Lead
Product development,


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